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Pilot / flight crew & maintenance engineers license validation

Pilot / flight crew and aircraft maintenance engineers with licenses from other ICAO Contracting States may apply to the DCA of Aruba for validation of the foreign license. All validations can be valid for up to two (2) years. However, the validity shall not extend beyond the expiration date of the foreign license. The validation is issued within 24 hours and will allow all existing privileges to be exercised while flying or maintaining a P4 registered aircraft.

Under OPS 1/ FCL regulation for commercial operators you can do a validation or do a conversion of your foreign license and then be issued an Aruban license.

Pilots (flight crew member) wanting to fly a (P4 tail number) Aruban registered aircraft shall either hold a valid Aruban pilot license or a valid Aruban pilot license validation established on their foreign acceptable ICAO pilot license.

IXO Aviation will support your pilot license validation application process and if necessary will offer you additional training to fulfill the Civil Aviation of Aruba (DCA) requisites.M

Aviation Training for Professionals (Distance Learning / Web Based)

More than 100 E-Learning modules are available to support your aviation training activities in compliance with AUA-OPS 1 and AUA-OPS 2. Distance learning modules are available for:

-Pilot (Flight Crew)

-Cabin Crew

-Flight Dispatcher (Ground OPS Agent)


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