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Since 2010, IXO Aviation has reinforced its substantial aviation E-Learning experience by collecting data to improve its aviation CBT (Computer Base Training) contents.

Today, IXO Aviation offers a large array of aviation distance learning courses either for initial or for recurrent aviation training with regard to A320, B737NG and A330, as well as all required air operator OPS courses compliant with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) – EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency)rules and standards.

Drawing on their considerable air transport experience, our aviation CBT instructors / developers are committed to providing professional aviation distance learning solutions at an affordable cost.

To guarantee up-to-date information on the latest regulations and valuable air transport community feedback, we gather information during ad-hoc symposia. IXO Aviation updates its aviation CBT modules annually.

Because IXO Aviation is flexible, professional and in close relationship with multiple Civil Aviation Authorities, we can deal with international as well as local requirements and develop fully tailored training syllabi and /or training scheduling solutions.

Owing to our international aviation training experience, we are aware of airline managers’ concerns and are fully committed to delivering an effective and valuable training solution for each operator.


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