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Initial B737 NG Type Rating Training Program followed by Airline Orientated Training Course

Boeing 737 NG 600-900 Pilot Training: Cadet Pilot Initial B737 NG Type Rating Training Program followed by Airline Orientated Training Course

Since 2005, Airlines worldwide have required pilots to demonstrate at least a first Airline experience on specific aircraft type such as on B737 NG or A320. The purpose of this Airline requirement is to minimize the risk of a potential additional training for non-experimented Pilots. Today, Pilots Job opportunities between “just” a Type Rated Pilot and a Rated Pilot having at least a “very small” airline operational experience is huge! The predicted lack of Pilots in the next few years drive us at IXO Aviation to develop an innovative optional training called: B737 NG Airline Orientated Training Course. The purpose of this new training module is to provide pilots who obtained the Type Rating on B737 with the option to credit as Pilot First Officer an Airline Orientated Training Course. This Enhanced Airline Cadet Pilot Course offers a full set of regular Airline Training experiences such as emergency and safety training, generic airline SOP’s, crew briefing, passengers and cargo operational aspects, cold and hot weather operations, day to day regular airline operations.

What Pilot benefits?

The Cadet Pilot will benefit from highly experimented Airline Pilots’ feedback on various operational aspects and will increase drastically their flying skills in a “day to day” Airline operations approach. The price comparison with a “regular” 500 hrs Line Training is huge and the “potentially” low cost negative Line Training must be taken into consideration too. This optional module will maximize Cadet Pilot opportunities to find a Pilot Job and to pass with success an Airline Pilot Assessment.

Note: this optional program is also available for pilots that already obtained the B737 NG Type Rating in another training center.

B737 NG Base Training

After passing successfully the type rating skill test, 6 movements will be flown on a Boeing 737 NG aircraft.

Optional B737 NG Airline Orientated Training Course

Airline Orientated Training Course is provided by IXO Aviation experimented Airline Pilots. This optional module is available after passing successfully the B737 NG type rating.

Optional B737 NG Airline Orientated Training

Course Entry Requirements

Cadet Pilot, applicant shall:

Hold a valid EASA or ICAO* Frozen ATPL (Air Transport Pilots License), which can be obtained from worldwide EASA or ICAO* approved flight school.

Note: Numerous ICAO or EASA approved flying schools offer either an integrated course or a modular course. Cadet Pilot who has conducted a modular course needs to have a minimum of 100 hours Pilot in Command (PIC) and a total time of around 200 hours.

Hold a valid multi-engine instrument rating ME-IR

Hold a MCC certificate multi-crew cooperation

Hold a valid ICAO or EASA Commercial Pilot License 5/ Hold a valid ICAO or EASA -FCL 3 Class 1 Medical

Boeing 737 NG type rating pre-entry assessment process

The assessment takes place at Paris (CDG or ORY) IXO Training Center’s (France) or at Dubai (DXB) IXO Training Center’s (United Arab Emirates). The one day assessment process begins with a welcome and an introduction of IXO Aviation Instructors’ team, followed by :

FFS (Full Flight Simulator) briefing

FFS (Full Flight Simulator) assessment in a B737NG – 60 minutes ( 30mn pilot flying and 30 mn pilot monitoring). Basic handling and IR skills, MCC and CRM methods will be assessed

English language test ICAO or FCL 055 level 4 (minimum)

Technical assessment – 30 minutes

5/ 25 minutes personal interview

Note: Cadet Pilot will be contacted by e-mail within 15 days for his assessment feedback.

Cadet Pilot who passes successfully the pre-entry assessment process will receive a slot position proposal for a Boeing 737NG type-rating course at IXO Aviation Training Center.

Self-sponsored program

Assessment fee : EUR 500 (The Assessment fee is non-refundable)

Type Rating Course + Base Training: EUR 22,500 excluding VAT

Operator Initial Training (CRM, ESET, SOP’s) + Optional Airline Orientated Training Course . 9,700 EUR – Extra costs (traveling, housing, ID/Visa application, etc.): at cost, payable by the Cadet Pilot.

Accommodations and Travelling expenses

HOTAC Accommodations and travelling expenses during the pre-entry assessment process and the numerous flight training courses will be at the Cadet Pilot own expense and responsibility. IXO Aviation will support Cadet Pilot in finding affordable accommodations. Typical rates for accommodations in Paris CDG / Dubai DXB areas vary from EUR 500 to EUR 1’100 per person per month.

Training Start Dates

Courses start quarterly throughout the year for Cadet Pilot.





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